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Corner Table

25 Feb

I had lunch with the ever gorgeous @freshtartsteph today, and she recommended that I get my butt over to Corner table (@CTkitchenTable). For those of you who missed her birthday blog post at Corner Table. It looked AMAZING. I already knew that I definitely was going to make it over there, but it just so happened that tonight worked for me so I dashed right on over there. But not before tweeting Scott Pampuch that I was coming by.

I was immediately impressed with how I was treated when I walked in the door. Most upscale places on a friday night take one look at me and my two kids and make ‘the face”. You know the one, the “Are they going to sit still? We are gonna have to clean up after them…I give it ten minutes until they are screaming and spilling stuff” that look.

Instead, we were warmly welcomed and given our choice of seating. Scott recognized me right away and smiled and waved and once we were settled brought apples out for Bella and said hello. It was so nice to feel as though I was being welcomed in to someone’s home. That set the tone for our whole fantastic evening.

I was originally going to try the tasting menu but the specials sounded amazing. I ended up with the Chicken liver and bacon ragu over egg noodles, and it was fantastic. Noah had the smoked turkey mole with sweet potatoes garnished with cilantro and lime. That too was great!

Bella had the aptly named nosh plate, and loved it! I think it’s the best kind of plate like that in town. I’ve never seen anything so well done outside of my kitchen. It was exactly her kind of thing, with aged sausage, cheese, some pickled things, which of course she didn’t eat, but left for me and crustini. I would go there and just get that for lunch.

I was perfectly full, the portion size was just right, but I couldn’t help myself and I ordered dessert. WOW. The strawberry basil sorbet was heavenly.

I had the rosemary and olive oil cake, which I really enjoyed. ( I don’t love overly sweet things and this was just the right amount of sweet but also very flavorful.) Noah had the cheesecake, and Bella the trio of sorbet. (Sophie wasn’t left out, she tasted pretty much everything we had.)

I should also mention that you can get some stuff to take home from the mini-deli case too. I’ll be having some amazing bacon come tomorrow morning thanks to Corner Table! I can’t wait to go back, and try the tasting menu!


Food Motivated

3 Jan

Things you should know about me;

  1. I love food
  2. I love trying new foods
  3. I would rather eat than cook
  4. My husband is the chef in our family. I can cook but he usually does.
  5. I am friends with many restaurant owners which helps finance my foodie habits.
  6. I love animals but I love eating them too.

Brutis the Steer

When I used to train dogs we would use positive reinforcement training and the easiest dogs to train were the “food motivated” ones. I often joke with people that I myself would fall squarely into the food motivated camp. I hesitate to call this a food blog since I think of more traditional food blogs such as my friend Stephanie Meyer’s blog in which she talks about her extraordinary cooking skill and shares spectacular recipes most of which I’ll never be organized enough in the kitchen to actually execute.

For me this is about sharing my thoughts and ideas about food, places I love to eat and the reason that I enjoy the experiences I have with food.