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Kitchen in the Market

28 Jul

My new favorite place to hang out recently is Kitchen in the Market at Midtown Global Market. Kitchen in the Market is an interactive commercial kitchen space.  In addition, they offer cooking classes, host special food events and are all around an amazing place.

Owners are the beautiful and talented Molly Hermann of Taste Bud Tart and Tracy Morgan of  Segnavia Creative. Molly and Tracy make an incredible team and I love hearing all the new fun things they are coming up with every time I stop by.

Another reason Kitchen in the Market is so wonderful is that it takes a bit of the mystique out of a commercial kitchen. For people like me, that may be a bit intimidated by professional chefs and trying to throw a decent meal together KITM helps to make it more accessible.

They also have an amazing deli/refrigerated case that is always full of different yummy stuff made by the chefs who are using the space. Since the chefs who use the space are in and out the stuff in the deli case is almost always changing, but looks amazing every time I visit.

KITM also has a shop which is stocked with spices, kitchen tools and more. The website says it perfectly, “It’s a shop for cooks – inspired by chefs.”

Now, back to the classes I mentioned earlier. There are a range of classes from  Cooking the Market, where you are able to utilize the grocery stores in Midtown from Kids cooking classes for many age groups.  Plus, who doesn’t want a free karaoke cooking demo? I thought so, go book now!