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Small Hiatus Turned Large

24 Aug

Forgive me for my prolonged absence from posting. 2012 has been a very challenging year, and food blogging has fallen off the priority list. However, I miss writing and posting so I’m hoping to begin again soon.

I hope you are all well!


Who Doesn’t Love a Good Cookie?

17 Jan

I’ve gone on a bit of a baking binge recently. As many of you know, something happened when I got pregnant with my second child, which was like flipping a switch with me and sweets. I don’t crave them, and in fact I am mostly turned off by them.

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The Lowry

2 Sep

I’m attempting to expand my horizons in recipes and family cooking, but I couldn’t resist adding this review.

At @LittlePod’s suggestion we came to the Lowry. The first thing I realize as someone is throwing their arms around me is I know one of the servers and he’s one of my favorite people who I don’t really know. You know, the folks you see regularly places and have conversations with, but that you don’t know their last names. So, Jack throws his arms around me and welcomes me in, which I have to say is a pretty rock star way of being greeted in a restaurant, It makes one feel special, and isn’t that what dining out is really all about?

Now, because I’ve been completely preoccupied with my other endeavor The Good Counsel for the better part of a month, I’m a little scattered, and I actually show up to the restaurant an hour before Lisa and I agreed to hang. What this means is I get extra time with my beloved Jack and he tells me all about the wonders that are the Lowry, the owners, the handcrafted sauces and the amazing old school drinks. (I still need to learn how they make a Manhattan here, as that’s my fathers drink and he’s very particular.)

Since I’m so early, I decide to make myself at home and order oysters and deviled eggs, with a mojito, of course.

After which I wait for Lisa to order a proper lunch.

I have the tostada special, which I neglected to read, was made with feta, which for me now has become a deal breaker. I’m not sure what happened since I used to love feta, but lately I can’t stand the sight of it. Everything else about it was great, but unfortunately feta has a way of tending to overpower most other things you put it with.

Lisa was in a breakfast mood and had the egg’s benedict which looked amazing and I know firsthand from my deviled eggs that the béarnaise was very good. Not Meritage good, but really, that’s almost an unattainable standard.

Overall it was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The service was great, but I’m impartial since I knew Jack from before, the appetizers were awesome, but I think I did a poor job of reading the menu and avoiding feta, which really shouldn’t be reflected on my opinion since they brought what I ordered. I think I’ll have to make another trip soon and try the ever-changing amazing desserts Jack told me about.

Eat Ramen, Help Japan Event

12 Jul

If you are looking for something to do July 21st, look no further.

The Eat Ramen/Help Japan event is a gathering of top local chefs and eaters as they celebrate the craft of ramen while helping to feed the survivors of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

My husband will be also throwing his hat in the ring and making his special recipe that he makes for us at home. I can’t wait to try all the different variations of interpretations of ramen made by all the talented chefs.

Volunteers still needed as well!

I miss you, sweet readers

26 Jun

I am so sorry, I’ve been absent of late, but don’t think for a moment I’ve forgotten about you. I haven’t. I have many posts planned, only problem is they are all still in my head. Sorry about that!

There have been a multitude of #MnFoodBlogger events, so numerous I doubt I could do them justice, plus I know my peers have done an excellent job of keeping the food blogger community updated.

During my period of inactivity on this blog, I have started a nonprofit management blog (which as many start-up do) is sucking up all my time.  I apologize, but if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to check out The Good Counsel Blog.

Next up more about food and my fabulous peers!! xoxo

Favorite Foodie Blogs – Part 1

3 Jun

In Minnesota we are blessed with an abundance of great places to eat, wonderful seasonal farmers markets, and many, many food bloggers. I haven’t done my research, so I don’t know if Minnesota has an unusually high number of food bloggers or if it just seems that way since we have formed this posse of awesomeness called the #MNFoodBloggers group.

Below is my list of others that I read often and  am inspired by. They are in order of how I came across them or what I noted specifically about the person or the blog.

L>R Steph, Virginia, Lisa, Kate

  • Stephanie Meyers blog Fresh Tart was the first food blog I’d ever heard about. I’ve known Stephanie since I was nine years old and I remember when she started this “Food Blog” and I remember my father telling me about it with some uncertainty in his voice, like he wasn’t sure he was pronouncing the word ‘blog’ correctly. (Remember, it was like 1997 or something). Over the years I have periodically checked in on her blog, and as I have mentioned in earlier posts, she was my main motivation and inspiration to start my blog.

Keane of Food Stoned

  • The second blog I started to frequent was FoodStoned, after meeting Keane for the first time in February, shortly after beginning my blog, I was blown away by how many folks in the Twin Cities had  food blogs much less awesome people like Keane. I started reading Keane’s blog because his opinions of most foods/restaurants mirrored my own and we have similar personalities and humor. I found his blog was a great place to check if I wanted to try a new place, but wasn’t sure I’d like it. I’d check in with Keane to see if he’d been there and written about it. If he had, I would usually glean some inside info about what to order, or not order, etc. (if you like the first two I would suggest following @stephstoned on twitter, a parody account of these two bloggers not done by either, and hilarious!)

L>R Matt (Featured in part 2) Me and Kate

  • I’ve subsequently started reading many other food blogs focused more on recipes and eating healthy, and another favorite of mine is Kate in the Kitchen. Kate is very knowledgeable about food, an engaging writer and I always learn something when reading her posts. She also has a killer sense of humor and I think she’s another of my long-lost sisters. She is passionate and kind and her posts are thoughtful and engaging.

  • Speaking of healthy food, which is one of my passions, another great blogger is Jen & Co. I like Jen’s blog because she don’t make food seem presumptuous. She takes the time to explain why she uses the ingredients she does and gives a background of the foods she’s using in her recipes and why. She has inspired me to try to make some of the recipes on her site, and again, since I’m not the most ambitions in the kitchen, this is saying something.
  • Next up is Lisa and her blog Making Electricity. She’s a baker, something which I frequently attempt with very mixed success. She inspires me to want to bake better!

  • Eating for England is well, brilliant. Well written and funny. Angharad is very dedicated to her craft. I admire her care and attention to detail in her posts which in turn makes me want to read her updates and check her blog often. Plus when I read her posts in my head, I do so with a British accent. Sorry dear, it just happens!!
  • Roots and Zest. Virginia, what can I say? I love this woman! She’s a clever writer, hilarious person and one of the coolest moms I know.  Also, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I want her on my team.

These will be weekly for a while, until I exhaust my list of awesome food bloggers.

Big Banana Night – Caribe Caribbean Bistro

27 May

Big Banana Night was hosted by Caribe Bistro, Shaina from Food for My Family and Dole Banana, since the Twin Cities is one of their Banana’s After Dark markets.

We started with Banana S’mores made by Shaina’s husband Ole.

Then moved inside for a delicious dinner, starting with the chickpea curry over fried bread, topped with banana ketchup as the amuse-bouche.

From there we moved on to an amazing crab cake topped with grilled banana aioli.

Our entrée was a grilled 5-spice rubbed frenched lamb chop (well, three to be exact) topped with a spicy banana-mango chutney. This was served with a side of coconut curry bananas and jasmine rice.

Dessert was a creamy banana coconut rum créme brulée

There were also two different banana drinks to go with our meals, and Adam Schulte from Ale Jail was there with beer that would pair well with the banana flavors in the food.

It was a wonderful banana filled evening. Thanks again to Heidi and Tony, Shaina and Ole & Chris from Dole Bananas for a fantastic dinner.