Small Commercial Break

3 May

Heart Disease is a BIG killer of women, in fact did you know that more than twice as many women will die each year from heart disease than from all forms of cancer combined? Yes, even including breast cancer.

This can be changed, and you can help! Join me at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s 4th Annual To Her Health Wine Dinner 2011 on May 12th.

Now, I know you’re thinking why am I reading a commercial? Well I’ll tell you why.

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of attending this event the past few years, and the food is amazing. It’s at a different restaurant every year. It has been held at swanky places such as Spill the Wine, Spasso and this year at TAXXI.
  2. Heart Disease is BAD NEWS, and YOU can help!
  3. WINE – good wine, and I find a new favorite every year!
  4. My father works at this amazing organization, and I will personally introduce you if you come!

As an additional bonus the EMCEE this year is none other than Brittany Thelemann, Miss Minnesota USA 2011.

Ok, commercial break over, now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

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