Masu – Part Two – Dinner

25 Apr

Long overdue part two.


It was a whole different feel than lunch plus two kids for upscale dinner always adds a level of complication. Additionally, of course we came opening night so it was also pretty busy. Our server was very attentive, some might even say a bit too attentive, but he meant well, so no harm.

We started with Edamame and an order of the Japanese snacks, which of course my eldest looked down her nose at. (Then again she had an incident with a wasabi covered pea when she was about three and is still holding a grudge.)

I ordered sashimi which was good, including hotate (scallop) tamago (sweet egg omelet) and my favorite at the moment, ama ebi (sweet shrimp) which some with the fried heads as well, which are delicious!

We also had the home-made duck pot stickers, which were great, they were much more delicate than most gyoza you commonly get in restaurants, since very few actually go to the trouble to make them from scratch.

My husband got the pork belly ramen, which as you know from my earlier post, I am a big fan of.

Chef Hesse and Chef McKee were very helpful and personable, while also balancing that with efficient service and seemed to have a complete handle on everything that was going on. I would expect nothing less of two with their experience, however, I was still impressed, because like I mentioned it was their first public dinner service for Masu.

If I hadn’t known that however, nothing in anyone’s actions would have tipped me off. Most everything ran smoothly and they were very quick to work out any kinks (like the fact that their high chairs hadn’t arrived, but they were able to find us one, from somewhere to get us through dinner, which I really appreciated.)

The rest of the photos are just ambiance shots because I really liked the atmosphere. It’s a bit more artistic and playful that many of the other Japanese places in town.

I look forward to my next visit to Masu. Maybe I’ll see you there for lunch?


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