Restaurant Week

10 Mar

I’m finally emerging from the food coma that was last week, aka Restaurant Week. It was amazing!

I joked earlier this week with some of my other foodie friends that it would be great it if were Restaurant Month, but I’m actually not sure I would make it through a whole month!

I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to do pretty well. Last week I made it to Vincent, Victors*, Cafe Latte, True Thai, Longfellow Grill, Punch Pizza, and La Loma in the Midtown Global Market. I attempted to get to Saffron, but neglected to realize they aren’t open for lunch, poor planning on my part.

Admittedly, most of these places weren’t in fact participating in Restaurant Week, but I still ate very, very well. I had originality planned to write about Vincent, but I decided instead of trying to get amazing pictures of my dinner, I was just going to enjoy my amazing dinner.

Plus Food Stoned did a fantastic piece on Vincent and it hardly seems necessary for me to duplicate his efforts.

* Twice actually, once for breakfast and once for dinner. I recommend both.


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