I Just Ate A Bug!

9 Mar

Yes, you did read that correctly.

I understand for some people that might not seem like such a huge deal. I’ve always considered myself an adventurous eater, but in a rather midwestern sense. I was so proud of myself when in 8th grade I “tried” sushi. Or the first time went to an Ethiopian restaurant without knowing ANYTHING about the cuisine and how to eat it. That make me think I was SUPER adventurous.  That being said I still think this bug eating thing is a pretty big deal.

Not that I let that on of course, I just took the little guy and popped it in my mouth. I actually didn’t really have time to think about it either, which is probably one of the reasons it was so easy.  My first impression was that it tasted kind of clean and grassy, crunchy of course and then the flavor was almost like a hint of green tea’s I’ve had. It reminded me of a smaller less crunchy shrimp head which I’ve also recently taken a liking to. Not in flavor so much but in the crunchy, slightly gritty taste.

And no, I didn’t eat it like Bear Grylls eats bugs. With my mouth open talking about how gross it was and letting random parts stick out of my mouth.

This is the actual bug I ate!

Best of all for me was that it was totally fun to be so daring! Now to be fair, I ate like the smallest, least juicy looking deep-fried cricket, but still, a bug is a bug.


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