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Comfort Food

29 Mar

I’ve felt a little off lately and been craving comfort food, which for me could range from a big bowl of pasta, with melted butter and romano and bread-crumbs sprinkled on the top to a bowl of Pho.

I’m not sure how one decided objectively what’s the best comfort food. so I recently put it to a very unscientific test by asking my facebook friends to tell me what their comfort foods were.

Here are some of the responses I received.

  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Tom Yum Soup or Pho for a cold
  • Popeye’s chicken
  • Chocolate covered pancake or waffle
  • Chocolate covered anything
  • Cheese curds
  • Super rare steak or buttery scallops
  • Fried chicken, friend dumplings, well just fried things
  • Strawberry coffee cake with a big cup of hot tea
  • Mac n Cheese
  • Artichoke dip (although I would argue artichoke even in its plain form, with cheese of course)
  • Meatloaf
  • Tater tots
  • Ice cream
  • Good bread
  • Home made cinnamon roles (I’ve never had the pleasure, and I’m jealous)
  • Peanut Butter and apples
  • Fried corn
  • Cornbread (butter and honey on mine please!)
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • Lots of home cooking, recipes that come though the family.

Usually the common theme with comfort food is that you are uncomfortable so it stands to reason that stuff that reminds you of home, childhood or is easy to make counts as comfort food.

Thanks for all the input facebook friends and #MNFoodBlogger pals!


Mini Post – New at True Thai

28 Mar

Anna is creating a new dish at True Thai. She told me she took a nap the other day and this recipe came to her while she was napping. She brought us this huge helping of warm, sticky, delicious cashews. We are still thinking of a name.

They are like spicy candied cashews. Perfect with a Singha.

What I hope heaven looks like

27 Mar

For the record this was my dinner tonight, along with a bit of smoked trout and some Genoa salami. Yes, I’m a brat.

Starting at top left going clockwise, 6 year aged Carr Valley Cheddar, a French Blue (The Wedge), Baguette, Cranberry Chipotle (Carr Valley), Black Truffle Sheep Milk (Carr Valley), Aged gouda (The Wedge). We took a tour of the Carr Valley cheese factory and stocked up on some award-winning cheese. I hope to have a more complete post up soon.

Vacation post

27 Mar

I was on vacation this week for a few days, which partly explains why the blogging didn’t happen this week. Sorry!

We went to stay with my sister who lives close to the Wisconsin Dells, and we had a marvelous time.

I had two meals that I felt compelled to photograph and share, even though it isn’t Twin Cities based food. I know you love me and will read and comment anyway!

The first was a steak and scallops combo at this cute little place in the Dells that I would imagine is over-looked by the tourist traffic and frequented mostly by locals (including my sister’s family, which is how I ended up there). It was good food and a very nice ambiance and fantastic company. I had a filet mignon over mashed potatoes covered in gorgonzola sauce and steamed veggies, and two big juicy scallops also covered in the gorgonzola sauce.

The second noteworthy “meal” of my trip was this Bloody Mary. It was a meal in a glass complete with a strip of bacon, the typical garnishes of olives, celery, pickled asparagus and brussel sprout and last but not least a piece of pepper jack cheese. ( I was in Wisconsin after all!)

Thanks again to my sister and her family for hosting us and showing us the town!

Stay tuned for the Carr Valley cheese post.


22 Mar

I like sandwiches, you know, as much as the next guy. I was told I HAD to go to Be’wiched and try them out. I did and I was a bit disappointed. The sandwiches were fine, good even. I just let my expectations of what  really good sandwich could be get in the way of the fact that it is hard to feel super glamorous eating a sandwich. I ordered a Tuna Confit sandwich and a bowl of soup and couscous to share.

My husband had their famous reuben,  which he seemed to enjoy although he was a bit unimpressed by the flavor of the meat. which by all accounts is a big part of a reuben sandwich.

Maybe I’m making an unfair judgement, since I’m not a sandwich person. That is to say, I like ’em just fine, and my sandwich was good. It just wasn’t knock your socks off, “best sandwich of my life” good. I think I would have been equally satisfied getting a hoagie from Davanni’s.

Additionally, I was rather unimpressed with both the soup and couscous sides we tried as well. The soup was your basic cream based soup, but nothing spectacular and the couscous was lacking in flavor.

To top it all off the service we had left much to be desired and was actually rather off-putting

Now, after all that, knowing me, I’ll probably go try them again. I see potential as a decent lunch place and as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I don’t like to offer up a review based solely on one visit. Every one has an off day, and sometimes it seems a bit unfair to judge something without any other first hand experience.

I’ll be back, and I’ll have a (hopefully more positive) update!

Nontraditional Birthday Cake

18 Mar

At the MN Food Bloggers event on Wednesday Chef Scott made Eating For England’s, Angharad an amazing birthday “cake”.

This is the progression starting from Chef Scott plating it and then the rest of us devouring it. Enjoy! (a more complete MN Food bloggers event to follow this post soon!)


The trout cake

Egg poached in chicken stock

FoodStoned has a better picture of the final product, I got too excited and fogged my lens.

this was the final product before we got to it.

Thanks for sharing Angharad! Happy Birthday!

Restaurant Week

10 Mar

I’m finally emerging from the food coma that was last week, aka Restaurant Week. It was amazing!

I joked earlier this week with some of my other foodie friends that it would be great it if were Restaurant Month, but I’m actually not sure I would make it through a whole month!

I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to do pretty well. Last week I made it to Vincent, Victors*, Cafe Latte, True Thai, Longfellow Grill, Punch Pizza, and La Loma in the Midtown Global Market. I attempted to get to Saffron, but neglected to realize they aren’t open for lunch, poor planning on my part.

Admittedly, most of these places weren’t in fact participating in Restaurant Week, but I still ate very, very well. I had originality planned to write about Vincent, but I decided instead of trying to get amazing pictures of my dinner, I was just going to enjoy my amazing dinner.

Plus Food Stoned did a fantastic piece on Vincent and it hardly seems necessary for me to duplicate his efforts.

* Twice actually, once for breakfast and once for dinner. I recommend both.