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Cafe Twenty Eight

13 Feb

As a general rule, I try to never write a review of a restaurant based on one visit. I feel that usually that isn’t an entirely fair assessment, considering sometimes a place is having an off day, or especially when a place first opens, it tends to be all about quality control which can slip after a while. These and other reasons are why I try to go to a place a few times before forming a solid opinion. Well, I’m breaking my own rule. I was at Cafe Twenty Eight yesterday for lunch and it was great! I ordered the pear salad, expecting for $10 that I would get a small to medium-sized salad, decent for a light lunch or snack.

I was completely shocked when a WHOLE salad showed up. Not only was the portion size generous, but it was liberally covered in blue cheese, pistachios and pear. It was truly amazing. I’ve gotten so used to the “standard” miniscule portions that pass for salad most places, that I was literally so impressed with that alone I had to mention it. That wasn’t the only reason I felt inspired to write about this salad. Additionally the pistachios were fresh, hadn’t been dried out and over salted like in most places. There was a ton of blue cheese, so I had enough for every mouthful and the pear was in little shredded bits to I could have a bit of everything in every bite. AMAZING. It really is the small things in life, and this salad made my day yesterday.

In my haste to devour this delicious salad I didn’t do it justice with the picture, but they have  lovely pictures on their website.

I will be going back, and I’m sure I’ll be taking a better camera next time.


#MNFoodBloggers Event

11 Feb

I went to my first #MNFoodBloggers event on Monday night at the 128 Cafe. It was organized by @FreshTartSteph (Stephanie Meyer). It was a fantastic event, and I meet a TON of awesome food bloggers.

The crowd ranged from food bloggers, to farmers and even some foodies who just enjoy talking about food. I had some of the most interesting conversations with people that I’ve had in recent memory. (This might also be partly because I’m home a lot with an infant too, but I still think it was the people!)

This event made me realize how much I really love to talk about food. I just realized recently how many talented peers I have in the community who are blogging  food, restaurants, recipes and healthy eating.

There was amazing food, new friends and lots and lots of talk of food. I think I may have found my dream job! I can’t wait for the next #MNFoodBloggers event!

More pictures from the #MNFoodBloggers event  are posted at these great blogs

Fresh Tart

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Joel E. Carlson

Eating The Minneapple


7 Feb

Since mentioning to my friends and others that I am now food blogging I’ve gotten a litany of suggestions of places to try. To garner feedback and get other opinions I’m starting a list, which will be updated to reflect places I’ve been, new places to try. Hopefully the resulting list will also provide me further fodder to tell you all about.

  1. The Strip Club
  2. Be’wiched Deli
  3. Saffron
  4. Travail Kitchen
  5. The Anchor
  6. Smack Shack

Thanks to all my foodie friends for the great list to start trying! I love you all.

Where to eat?

1 Feb

I am taking suggestions of where I should go to eat that are;

  1. Good, actually I hope better than good, but for argument sake, I’ll stick with good.
  2. Cheap, let’s say approx. $20 for dinner, $10 for lunch a little more is fine.
  3. May not be widely known, but that’s not a prerequisite
  4. Please, no chain restaurants or franchises.

I’ll be taking suggestions through the month of February and will begin posting my experiences in March.