Mini Chef in Training

23 Feb
Bella’s first caprese salad

I think that one of the many reasons I don’t often cook, or even attempt to sous-chef at home is that my seven-year old also LOVES to cook. She’s also very good at it. (I think I’ve cut myself more than she has, but that’s another issue entirely.)  She’s an expert dicer, garlic peeler and taste tester. She can tell you to the minute how long the pasta has before it’s perfectly al dente. (Such an Italian child!)

Bella waiting for her food at Oceanaire

My daughter was helping my husband cook while I entertained the baby (typical dinner routine for us). I looked over at the spread for this evening and was shown this beautiful caprese salad made entirely by my daughter. Not only did it look pretty, it tasted better than any caprese salad I’ve had in any restaurant in town. To be completely fair most places don’t use the good tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. And it shows. She also told me that she put special ingredients in, and like her father has patented trade secrets to her recipes. If this keeps up I’ll have my very own gourmet chef in-house. My dream come true!


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