Fun with Anna

20 Feb

Well I’ve decided that others may think I play favorites, and probably to an extent I do with the owners I know well. I genuinely adore Anna, from True Thai, so expect to see post about her occasionally. I have developed friendships with many of the restaurant owners I know in town, beyond just going to their place of business, and I truly believe that food is an excellent way to build a friendship. I can bond with anyone over love of food.

We were at True Thai the other night to celebrate getting rid of a lease vehicle that I swear was cursed. It was pretty quiet while we were there, so Anna offered to make some custom orders for us and asked us to try some things she’s thinking about putting on the menu. We also discovered that she and my seven-year old daughter wear the same size jacket, and that Bella is a size bigger in winter boots than Anna.

Anna in Bella's Jacket

Additionally, I think I may have neglected in my earlier post  about True Thai to mention the Thai style cashews, that was a grievous error for which I hope my readers will forgive. If you go there, order the cashew appetizer, but not how it is on the menu, ask for Thai style. You won’t be sorry.


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