#MNFoodBloggers Event

11 Feb

I went to my first #MNFoodBloggers event on Monday night at the 128 Cafe. It was organized by @FreshTartSteph (Stephanie Meyer). It was a fantastic event, and I meet a TON of awesome food bloggers.

The crowd ranged from food bloggers, to farmers and even some foodies who just enjoy talking about food. I had some of the most interesting conversations with people that I’ve had in recent memory. (This might also be partly because I’m home a lot with an infant too, but I still think it was the people!)

This event made me realize how much I really love to talk about food. I just realized recently how many talented peers I have in the community who are blogging  food, restaurants, recipes and healthy eating.

There was amazing food, new friends and lots and lots of talk of food. I think I may have found my dream job! I can’t wait for the next #MNFoodBloggers event!

More pictures from the #MNFoodBloggers event  are posted at these great blogs

Fresh Tart

Green Your Plate

Joel E. Carlson

Eating The Minneapple


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