31 Jan

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, since I got a really nasty cold from my little one and have been pretty well out of commission. I’ve been so sick in fact, that I didn’t even get my favorite cure-all, a bowl of Pho.

I have a few favorite places to go for pho. Mai Village, Quang, Pho 79 (duh) and Trieu Chau.

I’ve been told pho is best home-made, but I’ve not had the opportunity to verify this. My favorite variety of Pho is Pho Tai. My older daughters favorite version is something she made up that the folks at Mai Village call broccoli Pho.


It is exactly what is sounds like. Broth, noodles and broccoli. What I like about pho is that it’s a simple dish with really complex flavors. It is one of my favorite “on a budget” meals.

Now, if I could only get good at saying it!


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