I-talian food

4 Jan

Part of the fun of living in Minnesota and being one of the six Italian Americans in the Twin Cities is how often people come up to me to ask me where my favorite I-talian (say Eye-talian) restaurant is. Usually before I can answer, I’m told that if I haven’t been to the Olive Garden/Buca recently I should really go, and how it’s the best I-talian food they’ve ever had. (insert dramatic eye roll)

The real dilemma I find is I don’t know the answer to the question. My internal answer is always, “Why would I go out and PAY for this when I can make it better at home?”  I would assume it’s similar for other ethnic food groups as well. My two exceptions to this are 1) if I’m invited out to something or 2) if there is a well made dish at a restaurant that I can’t/wouldn’t make at home. In my case the second is usually northern Italian food which my family doesn’t tend to make at home.

One of my favorite food groups is Thai food, since I’m not at all skilled at making it at home and so it’s a treat to go out and find fantastic Thai food. When I find good Italian food, it’s nice but I still find myself thinking, I would never have added oregano to this sauce or this would have been better if they’d added some carrots. I spend most of the meal critiquing the food instead of enjoying my meal.

Maybe now that I’ve written it all out, I’ll find a way to move on, but for the record. No, I don’t have a recommendation of an amazing Italian restaurant and no, that is not an open invitation for me to cook you italian food.



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